Our FAQs

How does the process work?

At Ferrante & Son Sales & Leasing, Inc., our process is simple. You tell us what vehicle you are looking for. Your needs can be as detailed and specific as you’d like. Once we know your desires, we will work hard for you to locate the vehicle matching your specifications.

Do you take Trade-ins?

Absolutely! Whether your car is paid for or not, we can handle the whole transaction.

Do you sell used vehicles as well as new?

Yes! We maintain a small inventory of used vehicles at our location. In most cases, we sold the vehicle new and have taken it back in on trade, so we know the pedigree of the vehicle.

Do you offer financing or do I need to provide my own?

Either way! If you are in need of financing, we have dealer agreements with several major banks that offer financing more competitive than most credit unions, as well as major manufactures special incentivized financing. If you are able to provide your own financing, we can easily work with your bank. Financing is subject to credit approval.

How do your fees work?

When you purchase a vehicle from Ferrante & Son Sales & Leasing, Inc. we will quote you one no haggle price. Here at Ferrante & Son Sales & Leasing, Inc. we do not have a separate broker fee.